Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer

appearance of faded trim with long lasting results

Key features of Meguiar’s Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer

Restore darkness & shine to exterior trim with long lasting durability

  • Advanced formula shines & improves the appearance of faded trim with long lasting results
  • Easy to use lotion revitalizes trim, keeping it looking newer, longer
  • Hybrid Ceramic Technology seals the surface, withstanding rain, washing & weather
  • Protective layer makes removing road debris easier during washing

Part Number: G220316
Contents: 16 fl oz
TBC: £12.99


Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer G15812 is still active, that said, Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer outperforms in longevity, durability, overall protection, ease of maintenance. Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer will also provide a noticeable difference in water beading on exterior non painted plastic trim which many of you know typically makes contaminant removal easier during washing & can also stay cleaner.

Ultimate Black G15812 can have a slight advantage when it comes to gloss; Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer is more of a new look.

In regards to special preparation, nothing really special, our normal recommendations for preparing trim prior to using a trim protection/restoration product – the surface should be washed with a car wash solution & dry before application.

A glass cleaner can also be used to prepare surface or many people use an all purpose cleaner like DRTU Citrus Power Cleaner Plus during washing to deep clean exterior trim prior to applying a trim protection product. Always ensure surface is clean & dry for best performance.

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