Illusion Car Care Berry Blast

Berry Blast BY: Sb__Reviews

Everyone loves a good interior clean, right?

I do, and that’s why I love testing interior products. Illusion car care Berry Blast is no exception and I definitely enjoy using it. It’s described as a multi-purpose interior cleaner, I like this because a lot of products are for just the plastics, or just the seats.

So, having something versatile is a huge bonus. The products is concentrated so you can dilute it to your needs, I used it 1:10 for light interior work and 1:5 for stains and really bad interiors.

Because it’s concentrated it’s even better value for money with 500ml being £6.75 (bargain) all the way up to 5Ltrs being £22.50 (even better). With a strong Berry scent, the car will be left smelling fresh after a deep clean.

It’s also worth spraying the mats before making stripes to embed the smell a bit more and help with defined lines! Overall a great interior cleaner with a bunch of uses, great customer service and a great price too!

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Illusion Car Care Berry Blast