MadCow Detailing Wheel Cleaner Review

I was keen to see how well this performs as it’s the first of MadCow’s products I’ve used, hopefully to become one of my new favourite brands. I put the MadCow Wheel Cleaner up against a Fox Racing alloy wheel as I wanted to see how well it worked on a ceramic coated, multi spoke alloy (aka the ultimate in corner brake-dust collection)!

MadCow Wheel Cleaner Review Waxed Perfection

The spray bottle is far more useful and applies a good amount of product while also adding a slight foaming effect which helps disperse the product, but also helps make it cling which can increase the effectiveness as it allows for an increased dwell time. I use Autosmart spray bottles which offer a fully adjustable spray which are usually set to a fine mist for the best coverage and minimal product use. TIP: A general rule in detailing is to treat all products like it’s worth a thousand pounds, this gives you an idea of how much to use as if it was that expensive, as less-is-more with most car care products.

MadCow CARAMEL Wheel Cleaner Test

The Fox Racing wheels aren’t the worst wheels I’ve ever come across but certainly dirty enough to test a wheel cleaner.

I sprayed MadCow CARAMEL Wheel Cleaner onto the inner & outer surfaces of the wheel as well as the brake caliper itself; I always clean these when cleaning the wheels as it really finishes off the detail.

After a couple of minutes dwell time I agitated the cleaner using a wheel brush for the face and the spokes. The solution quickly turned brown in some area’s which is a good sign of brake dust removal but should be expected when it ‘guarantees easy removal of brake dust’.

I really liked the way that the MadCow CARAMEL Wheel Cleaner stayed foamy during use, something which usually indicates good degreasing properties but also just a personal favourite of mine when cleaning; I find it also helps to see where you’ve been without going over yourself again.

MadCow CARAMEL Wheel Cleaner Results:

I found the MadCow CARAMEL Wheel Cleaner worked quickly in breaking down brake dust and reviving a bright clean finish to the wheels but doesn’t quite have enough strength to remove baked on brake dust or metallic particles. It did however clean the wheels well enough to just need a light application of some wheel sealant in order to finish them off and make them look as good as possible.

MadCow CARAMEL Wheel Cleaner Conclusion Pros:

  • Ready To Use
  • Safe On All Wheel Types
  • Great Degreasing


  • Not Strong Enough For Neglected Wheels

Being the first MadCow product I have used I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was surprised how well it cleaned for a RTU product and was more impressed when even my favourite wheel cleaner didn’t remove anymore dirt or contamination.

The product is usually in a bundle deal which would make it a great value wheel cleaner for general cleaning, but you would need another product to go with this like a specific Iron Remover for neglected wheels or larger vehicles which produces a lot of brake dust.

I would also recommend an alloy wheel sealant after using any wheel cleaner to make cleaning easier during the next clean, at which point even most shampoo products would suffice in restoring an as-new shine.