ValetPRO Microfibre Reviver Review


If you’re a car enthusiast or detailer, then you know the importance of using the right products to maintain and care for your car. One of the essential items in any car care kit is a good quality microfibre cloth or towel. However, over time, these cloths can become dirty and lose their effectiveness. That’s where ValetPro Microfibre Reviver comes in, promising to revive your microfibre cloths for effective use.

This product is designed to handle the dirt and grime of any car preparation, decontamination, or detailing work. Its unique formulation is effective without being aggressive, leaving the microfibre towel revived and ready to use wash after wash. It’s also free from added softeners or brighteners, which can harm or degrade the absorbance and performance of microfibre products. Instead, it uses natural and biodegradable cleaning technology to gently but thoroughly clean your microfibre cloths.

Using Microfibre Reviver is straightforward. All you need to do is place your microfibre cloths in a washing machine, add 40ml for a light load or 80ml for a heavy load, and start the wash. It’s essential to note that you should not exceed 40°C or use fabric softeners, added powder detergents, or bleach. After washing, allow the cloths to air dry, and they’ll be ready to use again.

So, does ValetPro Microfibre Reviver work? Based on our experience, it does an excellent job of removing grime, wax, or stains from your microfibre cloths, leaving them looking and feeling clean and soft. We tested it on a range of microfibre towels, including ones used for wax removal, drying, and polishing, and found that it effectively removed all traces of dirt and oil, leaving the cloths looking as good as new.

One of the significant advantages of using Microfibre Reviver is that it’s specifically designed for microfibre products used in car detailing. Unlike regular detergents, which may contain ingredients that harm or degrade microfibre’s absorbance and performance, Reviver is a dedicated cleaning solution that effectively tackles polymers, waxes, and oils found in car cleaning and detailing products.

It’s also worth noting that Microfibre Reviver isn’t just for microfibre cloths. It’s suitable for cleaning polishing pads, which can also become clogged with dirt and wax over time. We tested it on a range of foam and microfibre pads used for machine polishing and found that it effectively removed all traces of product residue, leaving the pads clean and ready to use again.

Overall, ValetPro Microfibre Reviver is an excellent product that lives up to its promises. If you’re serious about car detailing and want to maintain the performance of your microfibre cloths and towels, then it’s definitely worth investing in a bottle. It’s easy to use, effective, and specifically designed for microfibre products used in car detailing, making it an essential item in any car care kit.

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