Dual Tommy and Chenille Armstrong

Dual Tommy and Chenille Armstrong

I’ve had the Dual Tommy and Chenille Armstrong from cleanyourride.co.uk for a while now, and they’re the first tools I pick up when I go to wash my own or any customers cars.

Dual Tommy – My go to drying towel, easily manages my van and car without becoming too saturated and cumbersome. Protected paint needs no more than to lay flat on the panel, and drag off to remove 99% of all water, with no streaks at all.

Priced very competitively at £12.94, you’d be a fool to not try one!

Chenille Armstrong – As a fan of chenille wash media, I was sceptical to how the Armstrong pad would differ. Andy very kindly sent me one with an order I’d placed, and it is by far the best chenille pad I’ve used to date. It’s thick, plush, holds Suds like there’s no tomorrow and simply glides over the paintwork!

Rinsing any dirt from it is simple too, dunk in your Rinse bucket and wring out and you’re ready to go again.

100% rate both these products, and also have the smaller Timmy Drying towel on the way to test too! Top work cleanyourride.co.uk!

CYR Microfibres Dual Tommy

Dual Tommy and Chenille Armstrong