The Legendry Mystery Box Is Coming

mystery boxes

Prestige Car Care Shop

It’s that time of year where Prestige car care shop start making you our mystery boxes. This year it’s a MEGA MYSTERY BOX & limited in numbers.

Keep an eye on Prestige car care shop for more updates, you don’t want to miss this one.

So what’s all this Mystery Box business about then?

Well in a nutshell. You pay £59.99 every box has a value over £99 some are worth A LOT more. All box values range from £99 to £150 this means EVERY BOX is a winner

This Mystery box is a roll of a dices product & has been a HUGE hit for all Prestige car care shop customers that fancy a gamble.

There are ONLY 40 Mystery Boxes available and they won’t last long, so grab one while you get the chance!