AVA Go P40 Pressure Washer Review: Powerful Cleaning Performance, Warranty, and Accessories

great high-pressure washer in a small package! The AVA GO

Review: AVA Go P40 Pressure Washer


The AVA Go P40 is touted as the best detailing small pressure washer for its price, retailing at £149 upwards depending on the bundle. With its specifications and included accessories, it promises to be a standout option in the market.


Pressure: 120 BAR / 1740 PSI (MAX)
Water Flow: 390 LITERS PER HOUR (MAX)
Power: 1700 WATT
Accessories: Facade Brush, Foam Cannon, High Pressure Short Gun, Zoom Lance, Water Filter, Vario & Turbo Nozzle

Build Quality and Warranty

The AVA Go P40 impresses with its excellent build quality and a comprehensive set of accessories that elevate its value proposition. Notably, the 10-year warranty stands out as a major plus point, providing assurance of long-term reliability.

Performance and Versatility

Despite its diminutive size, the Go P40 manages to deliver remarkable water pressure, making it suitable for various cleaning tasks. Its capability to generate 120bar of power and a water flow of 390 litres per hour positions it as an ideal choice for cleaning bikes, cars, and even patios.

Comparison with Competitors

Mobility: While not the most portable option due to its need for a mains power supply, its lightweight nature and compact design make it easy to handle and store.

Cleaning Power: Compared to similar offerings like the Karcher K2, the Go P40 outperforms in both pressure and water capacity, making it a versatile cleaning tool for various surfaces.

Accessory Evaluation

The included accessories offer mixed performance. The foamer gun falls short in delivering adequate flow, while the high-pressure nozzle proves to be effective for tough cleaning tasks. However, there are some design flaws in terms of usability and storage that could be improved.

Longevity and Warranty Coverage

The Go P40’s design allows for easy deconstruction and repair, aligning with Ava’s commitment to the Right to Repair Europe scheme. However, the warranty coverage has limitations, particularly concerning mechanical components and associated parts.


The AVA Go P40 stands out as a powerful and versatile pressure washer with a solid build and an array of accessories. While it comes at a higher price point than some competitors and has certain accessory usability issues, its performance and comprehensive warranty make it a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable cleaning solution.

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