Help in finding Your Local Detailer

How To Find A Local Detailer
Frequently Asked Questions

Waxed Perfection hope to make it simple and quick to search for only the best, most skilled, qualified and reviewed vehicle valeters or professional detailers in your local area.

Should I Use A Detailer Directory - Find Detailers?

Not 100%, these are normally paid services and will be given a higher ranking depending on the more they paid over the quality of the work. Directorys are normally running as a pay to advertise service, so shouldn't be used for a booking based on the listing information.

How Should I Find A Detailer?

Ask around, normally you will be looking for a detailer because of hearing the buzz word "detailer" from a friend or family member. Look for the years of service, go and see or arange a appointment to meet the detailer and see the quality of work before proceeding.

Dont Book On The Quality Of Photos?

A great looking photo on a website or social media page "sometimes" isnt as it seems, below we have added 3 very good video showing this point for referance.

Can I Get My Car Paint Corrected In A Day?

Simple Answer: NO, a full paint correction would normally take 3 to 7 days, anyone offering paint correction in a day will at best be only offering a single stage enhancment, full correction can be around 3 to 4 stages taking days. On a side note professional paint correction will start around £350

Still Unsure Who to Choose?

Look for a IDA Detailer - International Detailing Association - Find an IDA member near you! IDA members agree to operate under a Code of Ethics.

Can I Really Choose a Bad Detailer?

YES! The detailing industry is currently unregulated, which means there are no standards, licenses, or laws that govern the industry. While low startup costs and lack of regulations create a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to start a business, it also allows just about anybody to purchase some products and label themselves as a "detailer."

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We’ve got 2 main answers for this question: PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP and PROTECTION OF YOUR ASSET. If you care for your car’s overall aesthetic condition along with preserving the potential resale value the worst thing you can do is use the local hand or machine car wash. A detailer or valeter is a highly skilled, passionate & professional carer for vehicles. They are craftsman, skilled in the art of restoration, protection and maintenance of your car’s exterior and interior – regardless of the level of prestige of the vehicle. They take their time and only use the best quality products & materials available so you know not only will the car be thoroughly and safely cleaned it wont be damaged either. Detailers are also trained to correct imperfections as well as apply various waxes, ceramic coatings and polishes either by hand or by machine to further help keep your vehicle looking better for longer.

When considering what detailing service you need or want things can get a bit overwhelming. With professional car care there are lots of different levels of service on offer, depending on the desired results, budgets and vehicle you have. Don’t worry though we’ve got most questions covered in finding you the the best professionals in the UK. All should be happy to have a discussion on the phone or via email if they dont walk away. Be aware that for some services  of your chosen company may want or need to see the vehicle to quote accurately, but this is a very good thing to be asked.