Winter Detailing Products

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Winter Detailing Products

Winter Detailing Products

How can I protect my car against the winter elements?
We can help in choosing a CarChem sealant or wax to use for your winter protection, we have plenty of options available, and we hope the following information will give you a greater understanding of our range.

We have put together the following in order to make the process a little bit easier:

• Rank durability, if you want the product to last all the way through to next year without being topped up go for a NanoShell , Hard Shell or our Connoisseur Wax.

• Ease of application, if you knowingly want to top up the finish occasionally throughout the winter months, take into account curing times, as these are increased during the colder spells. HardShell is not affected by the cold and will be still a joy to use.

• Our durable paste wax such as Connoisseur (boasting a 5 month durability) is ideal for application now, as are the more durable nanotechnology sealants such as Nano Shell or OB Glaze (12 month’s plus durability). Please keep in mind, waxes tend to be difficult to apply in cold, damp weather – a far better choice would be a sprayable sealant the closer we get to December, such as HardShell (3-4 month durability), Spray Wax (2 week durability) or our Quick Detailer Spray (1-2 weeks durability), all three will remain perfectly useable over the coming months.