Enable the Reward Point System:

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Enable the Reward Point System:

Enable the Reward Point System:

Login to the OpenCart Dashboard.

Roll your mouse over Extensions, and click Order Totals.

opencart reward points setup

selecting menu option

Reward Points are Enabled by default. If for some reason it is not, click the Edit link, change the Status to Enabled, and click the Save button.

opencart reward points setup

enabled reward points options

You will then see a message stating "Success: You have modified reward points total!"

Setting the Number of Points a product Gives/Costs:

Login to the OpenCart Dashboard.

Roll your mouse over Catalog, and click Products

Click Edit next to the product you want to work with.

On the Products page, click the Reward Points tab.

opencart reward points setup

selecting tab

The Reward Points tab lets you set 2 options, and looks like this:

opencart reward points setup

accessing options

Below is a brief description of the options, click the Save button when you are finished entering your settings:

Options Description

Points In this section you can set the amount of points required to purchase a product. Set to 0 if you don't want customers to purchase this product with points.

Customer Group You can set how many reward points this group gets when they purchase this product. Your Customer Groups will be listed here, for more information see our guide on Creating

Groups in OpenCart

Now, if you have reward points when you checkout, you can select Use reward Points:

opencart reward points setup

view of payment options

Congratulations, now you know how to use the Reward Point system in OpenCart.



Login to Opencart Admin Dashboard

Roll your mouse over Sales, and click Orders.

Click view on any pending order you wish to work with.

Click "[Add Reward Points]"

adding opencart reward points

Success: Reward points added!

You have now added the points to the customer account. (customers need to be registered, guest accounts will not allow points)


You can also remove the reward points

Follow the steps above and click the "[Remove Reward Points]" Link

remove opencart reward points