Race Glaze Signature 42 and 55 waxes

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Race Glaze Signature 42 and 55 waxes

Race Glaze Signature 42 and 55 waxes

When nothing but the best will do, carnauba is essential in a car wax – and with Signature 42 and 55, you know exactly how much you are getting. Their names indicate the respective proportions of the ingredient in these additions to the Race Glaze line-up. The high concentrations explain the prices, too.

Many products claim to contain carnauba, but are shy about revealing exactly how much, because it isn’t cheap. So are Signature 42 and 55 worth up to £65 for a 230ml tub? We tried each for eight weeks on our long-term Renault Laguna, comparing them with our current polish champ Collinite No.476S and previous winner Turtle Wax’s Gloss Guard sealant.

For a start, Race Glaze waxes smell good enough to eat. They require a little more elbow grease than a liquid polish to apply, and we found the 55 hard to buff. Easiest to work with was Gloss Guard. Depth of shine is the main indicator, and here the three pastes excelled, but the Race Glaze duo had the edge. There was a richness to all three that the sealant lacked.

Does it last? At the end of our test, Gloss Guard had faded. Collinite shifted water fastest but the 42 and 55 were also clearly still working. Top quality and performance from Race Glaze – but Collinite looks a value buy at £17.50.

Extra Info

Tested - Race Glaze Signature 42 and 55 waxes

Price: £45 & £65 

Rating: 3/5

Contact: 01780 767080, www.morethanpolish.com Problems? With some rivals costing less than £10, it’s got to be special to merit that price tag! So why buy? Provides a deep and rich shine, and really seems to last. What’s more, because it’s a paste, a little goes a long way.