Detailing Plastic Trim Restoration

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Detailing Plastic Trim Restoration

Detailing Plastic Trim Restoration

OEMs have abandoned chrome exterior trim and moved on to plastic. No more is exterior trim meant to be flashy and loud but instead it’s now sleek, sheen, and black. While exterior plastic trim looks great on a new car, it’s very prone to UV damage.

It fades from black to gray and looks tired, washed out, and beat up. This type of trim can actually crack if it’s super dry and UV damaged. It’s important to keep it conditioned so it stays looking rich and deep black.

Pat of The Detail Shoppe has encountered the issue of faded plastic trim on more than one occasion and he was sick of dealing with it. That’s when he went to Dr. Beasley’s. He used our Plastic Sealant on a 2003 Ford Escape to restore the fading and to protect against future damage.

The product is essentially a moisturizing sun screen for plastic and it’s insanely easy to use. You just put a spot of it on an applicator and spread it on the clean plastic trim. Plastic Sealant doesn’t leave your plastic trim shiny. It’s got a great satin finish that makes trim look like new, as opposed to looking like it’s covered in product.

Before using Plastic Sealant, Pat wiped the plastic trim with an isopropyl alcohol solution. A regular car wash works great as a prep step too. Plastic Sealant lasts 4-6 months, depending on the climate in which you live. If your area is super sunny, reapply the product on your plastic trim every 4 months.

See the before & after photos Pat shared with us:


plastic trim bumper restoration

plastic trim bumper restoration gel new look