New Autoglym Product: Wheel Protector

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New Autoglym Product: Wheel Protector

New Autoglym Product: Wheel Protector

We are delighted to launch a brand new Autoglym product, Wheel Protector.

Wheel Protector is our brand new wheel coating that repels dirt and brake dust from wheels.

The coating creates a lotus effect on the wheel surface. This is leaves an extremely thin, invisible, uneven layer on the wheel face. The uneven surface is difficult for dirt and brake dust to adhere to, meaning your wheels stay cleaner for longer.

Wheel Protector replaces our old wheel product, Alloy Wheel Seal, which will no longer be available.

RRP for this product is £9.99, the can is 300ml and contains enough product to coat 16 wheels. Durability is around 6 weeks. Some of you may have already seen the product on shelves.

The product is available online and in stores now.