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Love this shampoo! Worked great! Please stock more Masterson's.

Mark 21/02/2018

Excellent product, superb quality, Amazing brushes. Large one is brilliant, holds plenty of water has a really long handle, ideal for reaching to the back of those wider wheels. Other two I use between the inside wheel and caliper/around the exhaust etc.

I currently have a F30 BMW m sport and the wheels on them are very hard and awkward to clean because of the design of the wheel with a normal wheel brush.I decided to try out the wheel woolies after checking out some reviews and I was not to disappointed,they got into places of the wheels my current brush could not get to. Pros: Different sizes Non metal parts in them so no scratching of the wheel No splash back onto your cloths or skin unlike other brushes when cleaning the wheels Very good quality Recommend them YES Pros: None of yet

Clean My Car 21/12/2014

Excellent. Tried many different ones over the years but stick to this now as it is PH neutral and value for money. I attached the pump dispenser from this site too, 3 pumps into the snowfoam lance bottle and good to go. Thick foam which clings for ages.

Gyeon Jeremy 13/12/2014

I have tried to find something that doesn't scratch the paintwork on the black car I have. This doesn't and is a great success. It is soft and supple and allows you to wash the car without leaving those annoying swirls in the paintwork.

J. Broughton 17/10/2014

After reading many detailed reviews of Autoglym HD wax, amongst other waxes made or carnauba wax, which were all over triple the price of this product, i thought i would take the dive and buy this wax, as there wasn't much to lose. And wow, what can i say, its left my car with a brilliant shine. Just to give a bit of detail, i used CarChem Shampoo applied with a noodle mitt, using the 2 bucket approach, i then used Polish with some new clean microfibre cloths, which brought out a great shine, and then finally applied this wax, which is more of a sealant, which left a deep glossy shine, and felt almost like a film on the car, only one day has gone, and it still looks great. Note, it isnt "difficult" to take the wax off, but it does take some elbow grease! I waxed the entire car first (family sized saloon) and then buffed the car after, rather than do a panel by panel approach, and it worked a treat for me.

Smells nice and easy to apply an buff off. Find that wheel stay cleaner for longer. Cover 600 miles every week for past 5 years and can see difference. I would say that reduces build up by half and assists cleaning and makes wheels shinier for longer.

Ian Rickman 27/02/2014

This is probably the best and easiest to apply polish I have ever used. It may seem expensive but it really is worth it and will last ages. Once you have tried it, I guarantee you will bin all you're old car polish. Try cleaning you're paintwork with Meguiars paint Cleaner before using it, for double the shine. A great product. Just buy it,you won't be dissapointed.

Steve 27/02/2014

Another fantastic product from Waxed perfection Makes waxing very easy and helps to apply wax without over application and waste. Washes well too.

Mr C Palmer 27/02/2014

I was dubious at first as I am a wax newbie, but i find it a must if you have big hands and fingers cos all the pots/applicators seem to be to small or to big this is ideal.

I've tried many shampoos for cars in my forty years of motoring, none of them quite did the job - then I discovered this little beauty, the 3M Shampoo Concentrated Liquid, it makes 100 litres from a single bottle, that's what I call concentrated, (why can't they do that with wine or beer?). But the best thing about it is the soft silky feel it gives to your car, never before have I seen a Renault Megane flick its sultry locks so seductively, or sweep back a kiss curl from its pouting bonnet, never have I seen such chrome ringlets and gorgeous pigtails. Beware though, and avoid using this product in the shower. I did once when I'd run out of Head and Shoulders, everything was fine until I realised I'd spent the last three nights sleeping in the garage, and was inadvertently putting Castrol GTX on my cornflakes. Last time I'll do that. Can't recommend this car shampoo enough though, really good stuff. Beep beep.

CHRIS HENRIETTA from AVONDALE, AZ United States I like the SmartCarWash because it foams up just like it says on the bottle. Another plus is the fact that the water spots left over after drying literally just wipe off with no effort.