Toughseal Sealant

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Toughseal Sealant

Toughseal Sealant

Toughseal Will react with Step 1 pre treat EC289 and produce a second protective layer on the paintwork.

Toughseal nanoplate is a highly researched complex blend of PTFE and polysilazanes particle displacement protection package for the exterior of cars, boats, caravans and aircraft. This revolutionary Hydrophobic PTFE Acryloplexin -12% P.T.F.E Sealant has been designed and engineered using nanotech technology to protect today's high quality paintwork for up to ten years, from everyday harmful elements, such as Ultra Violet Rays, Oxidation, bird droppings, acid rain, fading and diesel fumes year after year. There is no need to ever wax again.

Once the paintwork has been treated, you can then apply the same high quality finish inside the vehicle using the Vinyl & Leather Protector and the Fabric Protector (sold separately) . For long-lasting results, use the Dry Wash & Guard and the Wash & Gloss which are also sold separately .

What are the BENEFITS of using TOUGHSEAL

* Long-lasting showroom shine. Toughseal will keep new vehicles looking new and releases the full potential of older vehicles. Perfect solution for all paint types whether solid, metallic or pearlescent.

* Quick and easy cleaning

*Eliminates car wash damage

* Requires no more waxing NEVER WAX AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!

* Increases re-sale value When the time comes to sell, you'll be glad you chose Toughseal - its protective qualities maximise your car's resale value.

* Less maintenance - Simply washing with our Wash & Gloss shampoo will make your paintwork shine like new.

* Drag efficiency - The high gloss finish reduces drag and increases your vehicle's aerodynamic efficiency.

* Paintwork Guarantee with every order.