Lime Prime Plus LAUNCH - free bottles to be won!

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Lime Prime Plus LAUNCH - free bottles to be won!

Lime Prime Plus LAUNCH - free bottles to be won!

LIME PRIME PLUS – 250ml 13.95 GBP RRP; 500ml 23.95 GBP RRP

Lime Prime is a previous winner of Detailing World best prep product and has become a bit of a classic since it was introduced in 2009 or so. Being very workable and user-friendly has made it a great choice for those starting to machine polish, and its fine cut allows it to tackle swirls in softer paints. It lacks the cut to tackle harder paints though, so we have now developed a medium cut version of this legendary polish/pre-wax cleanser: Lime Prime Plus. LPP is a comprehensive reformulation, being thicker in consistency than LP to aid machine application, yet it retains its workability, glazing abilities and cleaning power. We have tried it with our microfibre orbital cutting pads and it works well – similar to the benchmark Meguiars D300 compound – and it can also be used with a rotary machine polisher, or by hand. Whilst we may not have a true heavy cut compound developed yet, LPP covers a lot of ground and is an important and useful addition to our line-up. We sold a few bottles at Waxstock and a customer contacted us yesterday to buy some (they couldn’t, as it was pre-launch)…. Their verdict? ‘It’s nice - cuts better and still has a good working time.’

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We have 3x 250ml bottles of new Lime Prime Plus to give away to current users of regular Lime Prime.

All you have to do is post a pic of your Lime Prime bottle with your DW name written on a bit of paper next to it.

We'll pick three winners from all qualifying entries after 5pm next Monday 15th Sep 2014 which is when the comp closes. The judges' decision will be final and entries can be submitted from international customers as well as domestic/European customers. We'll PM you for your postal address if you win. If we don't hear back from you within 24 hours, we'll pass the prize on to another entrant.