Dodo Juice Purple Haze Review: Crazy Beading

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Dodo Juice Purple Haze Review: Crazy Beading

Dodo Juice Purple Haze Review: Crazy Beading

Dark coloured cars can be troublesome for their owners as they show up every little imperfection and scratch. Luckily there are products out there which can help prevent damage to dark coloured paint. One of those products, which will help, I will be discussing today in this Dodo Juice Purple Haze review. This wax is slightly more expensive than its competitors but the results, in my opinion, are completely worth it.

Dodo Juice Purple Haze Review

Purple Haze is blended from natural ingredients often used in the manufacturing of shoe polish. This is what gives the wax its dark purple appearance. Montan wax is the primary ingredient used in the manufacturing process which offers high gloss and water resistance. The wax itself is a soft paste which comes packaged in a bright purple container in case you forget what it is.

Applying the Wax Application of the wax is easy using conventional methods. You will need a good foam applicator such as the Dodo Juice Finger Mitt Wax Applicator along with a quality soft microfibre such as this. Apply the wax thinly, a little really does go a long way with this product. Once the wax has dried to a haze buff off using your microfibre. More layers of wax can be applied for increased protection as well as topping it up regularly.

Pros Now to the meat of this Dodo Juice Purple Haze review. To begin let’s talk about the pros of this wax, which there are many.

Economical Just a few milliliters of this wax is enough to completely coat an average sized car. This offsets the initial cost of the wax by offering a pot which seems to last forever.

Ease of application The formula of the wax makes application easy and effortless using the correct foam applicators. Buffing off is as easy as the initial application, the wax dries to a haze within minutes.

High Gloss

Thanks to the Montan wax Purple Haze offers outstanding gloss performance along with repelling water easily. The solvent contained within the wax is very mild, making it suitable for softer paints often used on older cars.

Smells nice

Ok, maybe not an advantage per se but it’s nice to use a wax which smells of lavender rather than chemicals. Some waxes do have a rather strong odor especially the more synthetic based products.

Check out the latest prices and reviews on Amazon Cons

A little pricey

At nearly £30 from Amazon for a tub, this wax is more expensive than its direct competitors which may put some people off. The saying “pay for what you get” comes into mind with this wax, there is a reason for the price tag.

Not as durable as other waxes Some people report that the wax doesn’t last as long as other products, for example “Collinite 476s” which is one of the toughest waxes on the market. However, the gloss offered by Purple Haze is far superior to most waxes on the market so definitely one for the concours at car shows.

Customer Reviews Dodo Juice Purple Haze has got raving reviews among car detailing enthusiasts thanks to its high gloss, durable finish.

One excellent review comes from Amazon:

Excellent product – very good reflective shine for use on dark colours, easy (for a wax) to put on, and equally important easy to take off for an occasional deep clean back to the original paintwork. Best wax I have used out of about half a dozen. The fact that it smells good is a bonus. If you want a really spectacular shine – use a sealant and this on top! This goes to show just how well the wax performs and how easy it it to use.


Thanks for reading my Dodo Juice Purple Haze Review, I hope it helps you to make a decision. If your looking for an excellent performing, economical wax which will make your car pop then look no further than a pot of Purple Haze. The price may put some people off but the results more than make up for it.

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