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Two sides of premium foam in one awesome applicator! How many applicators does it take to detail a vehicle?

If you have the German Wax Applicator, it only takes one. Two sides of specialized foam enable you to polish and wax your vehicle’s paint using the same applicator! The Polish N’ Wax is a triple layered foam pad with a light cutting foam on one side and soft and finishing foam on the other side. The layer in the middle gives the pad additional height so you can grip it without rubbing your fingers on the paint.

The pad is oval for comfortable gripping, and it is larger than the average applicator pad so you cover more area in less time. Use the one side to apply polishes and swirl removers. It has enough cutting power to remove light oxidation and swirl marks while bringing out the natural luster of the paint. Wash the pad in a bucket of Snappy Clean and water before switching to the gray side, just in case any polish bled through. Use the other foam side to apply your favorite wax, sealant, or glaze. It is completely nonabrasive and will deliver an even coat every time.

This foam is absorbent enough to apply liquid waxes evenly without dripping. The Polish N’ Wax is made out of the same quality foam as our other pads. Wash and reuse it time and time again. It replaces at least two applicators, but probably more because it is built to last much longer than disposable wax applicators. Always wash your Wax applicator thoroughly before storing or reusing. Allow it to air dry and it will be as good as new!

The dimensions are 6” l x 3 ¾” w x 1 ½” h. Once you use the Wax German Applicator, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it! This pad is twice as big and twice as useful as your average applicator, and it makes hand-detailing much more effective. Each Package Includes 1 Pad.

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