Flyby FORTE CarPro Glass Coating

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Flyby FORTE CarPro Glass Coating

Flyby FORTE CarPro Glass Coating

It's finally here. The new age in windscreen coatings we've all been waiting for. 

Revolutionary technology brings us the all new. Completely unique Flyby FORTE. 

With run off starting from just 30mph* and durability of 1-2 years** flyby FORTE is a new age in technology. 

Preparation is the key, polishing the windscreen thoroughly, preferably by machine with Ceriglass and rayon block or machine pad, removing oils with Eraser post polishing.
Before applying the coating as per the instructions. 3 layers, each one directly following the previous. Creating a thick coating, ultra slick and no wiper squeek, judder or smearing! 
No buffing required. Using the same applicator you used for applying the coating, but with no extra coating applied. Gently even out any high spots in the coating to make it uniform and clear. 
Apply to windscreen wipers after cleaning with eraser and leave off window for 10 minutes. 

Keep windscreen dry for at least 4 hours and avoid the use of wipers for 24 hours. 
Fully cured after 7 days. 

Available in 3 options, 10ml, 50ml and a 10ml KIT with 50ml ceriglass, 50ml eraser, 1 edgless work cloth, and a rayon polishing block.

For full instructions please visit the website by clicking the image at the top or watch the following vid

flyby glass coating car pro