Care For Your Microfiber Towels

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Care For Your Microfiber Towels

Care For Your Microfiber Towels

Keep your detailing microfiber soft and fresh

Microfiber towels are fragile and with improper treatment can cause damage to your cars paint. Understanding how to properly maintain your microfiber towels is crucial to getting the most out of your towels. As a professional detailer, one of my biggest expenses used to be my towels. But after learning how to care for them, I can get dozens of details before I need to buy more. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be saving money to buy bigger and better detailing supplies.

1. You want the “Free” Detergent

Most detergents all contain the same cleaning agents, some surfactants, but different dyes and fragrances. The fragrances, fabric softeners, and dyes are what separates the detergents and effects your buying motives. When shopping for a detergent for your microfiber, you are looking for the detergent with the least amount of those three. You want the product to be “free” of dyes, fragrances, and fabric softeners. All of which can harm the fibers and effect the absorbency and effectiveness of your towels. I personally have found that a little bit of “All Free and Clear”, some OxyClean “Free”, and some white vinegar work perfectly. Use the following steps and you won’t ever have to worry about your microfiber towels again.

Presoak your towels in OxyClean (Read the back for dilution depending on load)

Wash using a small amount of All Free and Clear

Add a cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle as a softener

After following these steps, I have had the same towels work perfectly with no swirling or scratching for almost a year now. That’s with 3-4 cars per week! No more buying new towels every other month and now I can spend my money elsewhere, like a vacation or something.

2. Sort your towels by purpose

You know why you don’t want to mix your drying towels with your waxing towels? You want your drying towels to absorb the most water possible and your waxes/sealants are hydrophobic. Over time, your waxing towels will degrade and become less absorbent you want want to keep those types of towels away from your drying towels to prolong their lifespan. You also don’t want to mix the dirt, grime, and contaminants found in your ‘door jamb’ and ‘wheel’ towels which can transfer into your polishing and waxing towels. This can cause marring and swirling when you least expect or want it to happen. If towels of the same purpose are drastically different in color, I recommend sorting by color to prevent transfer, but this isn’t totally necessary. The main goal here, separate your detailing towels by task; Washing/Drying, Waxing/Polishing, Cleaning/Door Jamb, and Interior.

And remember to never do this to your microfiber towels Do not use an iron on your towels Do not use chlorine bleach as this breaks down the fibers Do not use any fabric softener besides white vinegar Do not wash with other linting materials If you choose to tumble dry, dry on low heat or hang your towels Watch as Son1c Wax Demonstrates Proper Towel Washing