Wheel Woolies 3 Pack

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The Best Wheel-Cleaning Brushes Money Can Buy

A luxury set of premium wheel and trim brushes custom designed and developed for car care enthusiasts detailers & valeters. Three different sizes allow safe and effective front to back cleaning of even the most complex designed wheels.

Large Wheel Woolie (overall length of 18" with a 3" super-soft wool head) - ideal for reaching deep into wheels or cleaning wheel wells.

Medium Wheel Woolie (overall length of 18" with a 2" super-soft wool head) - ideal for smaller gaps, air diffusers, door jams and engine bays.

Small Wheel Woolie (overall length of 8" with a 1" super-soft wool head) - ideal for tighter gaps and narrow spoke wheels.

Features & Benefits:

Ultra-Soft polypropylene fibre heads

Super-Strong flexible non-scratch handles

100% metal free

Suitable for all wheel types & finishes

Chemical resistant

Sizes (overal length x brush head diameter):


Large brush - 18 inches x 3 inches (440 mm x 75 mm)

Medium brush - 18 inches x 2 inches (440 mm x 45 mm)

Small brush - 8 inches x 1 inch (200mm x 25mm)

Instructions For Use:

Spray the wheel with your preferred wheel cleaner and leave to dwell. Dip the Wheel Woolie into clean wash water. Carefully agitate the wheel to gently remove brake dust, dirt and grime. Rinse with clean water for super clean finish.

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