Zymol Spray Glaze

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Zymol 16 oz Quick and Easy Spray Glaze utilizes ingredients derived from nature to shine and protect fine automotive finishes. A blend of pure carnuba wax, aloe vera and coconut oil enhances shine and improves finish clarity.

Zymol Quick and Easy Spray Glaze, 16 oz: Blend of carnuba wax, aloe vera and coconut oil Single application provides a super slick, highly reflective finish that lasts for months Gentle spray leaves no streaks or smears and performs in all temperatures Restores shine in minutes

Zymol Spray Glaze is an evolutionary development for all enthusiasts who want the deep lustre and protection of a paste wax without the work. Spray Glaze is quick and easy to use and provides brilliant high-gloss "waxed" results. Spray Glaze contains carnauba 13% sap.

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