Wash your car the best way

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Wash your car the best way

Wash your car the best way

Well we know that you are not stupid people and you have wash your car for a long time .But there are some tips and tricks about the procedure we thought you should know. Trust me this article is worth reading, just continue it please

Soak the car before you wash it – when you use your hose to splatter your car you will get rid of the big leaves , dirt and other things that could scratch the paint. Just aim the hose on the car with strong flow of the water. It is a good start to wash your vehicle.

Never wash the car when is too hot – the heat can cause problems while your car is covered with soap and water. It can make some circles on the paint that look bad and you can`t get rid of them. Always wash your car in the shade.

Never use a domestic detergent / washing up liquid – the special shampoo's for cars costs just £3 more than regular detergent , do not save on it. Because the domestic one can do damage on the wax over the paint , it can cause easily pilling off the paint. The carwash detergent has a special formula who protect it.

Always wash your car immediately if it is covered with dirt – bird droppings or some dead bugs can also damage the paint on the vehicle and it`s not bad idea to remove them ASAP. They have acids which can do contamination on the surface of the car. If you leave them long you will need repainting of the car. So better act fast.

Never use scratchy materials while washing the car – when you use a rough piece of cloth for cleaning or waxing the car you can do damage on the paint and scratch the surface. So it is better to use soft fabric cloths or lamb`s wool mittens, or maybe a soft sponge is the best choice.

Better to sponge down more often if your area has acid rains. – acid rains are disaster for anything , but the cars that aren`t parked in a garage suffer the most. So to prevent the paint of the car and the wax get destroyed you should wash your car more often.

Dry your vehicle with a chamois or terry towel – trust me this is the best way to dry your vehicle. Everyone must have a chamois in his car. There is an artificial chamois , and it works even better than the natural one.

Dipping the sponge often is not necessary – When you dip the sponge in a bucket you can wash a big area of the car with it you don`t have to dip it so often in the water with detergent. You can use more buckets, one full with detergent and water and one with clean water. First it is better to dip the sponge in the water with detergent , after using it clean it in the bucket with clean water. This way you don`t just wash the car with filthy sponge.

So you aren’t doing anything wrong if you follow our advices , just your car will look that more beautiful. Because the car deserve this.