Best Car Wax And Polish Detailing

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Best Car Wax And Polish Detailing

Best Car Wax And Polish Detailing

The best car waxes and polishes available in 2015: top products to protect your bodywork

A protective wax or sealant is at the heart of keeping your car looking good. It seals in that shine and slows the damaging effects of grit, grime and traffic film. It not only helps your car look great, but will also preserve its value come resale time. No surprise, then, that it’s at the centre of our car care special – we test 24 waxes, polishes and sealants to find the one that will make your bodywork sparkle.

Key to applying that protection is preparation. With the winter grime removed and the car washed and dried, inspect the finish. If the clearcoat is marked, a colour restorer may be needed to let the paint shine through. Run your hand over the surface through a plastic bag, feeling for a smooth finish. If it feels like sand paper, it will need claying to ensure the best bond with whichever protection you’re applying. Bilt Hamber’s £9.95 auto-clay regular is our current favourite.

Once you’re happy the paint is ready, apply your protective coat following the instructions carefully.

And which should you apply? We put 24 on to a sectioned off bonnet, noting ease of application, plus what you get in the pack. But our main focus was on durability, as we monitored beading over six wet winter weeks including several days under an inch of snow.

Finally we factored in price – taken from a variety of online sources – taking into account that you need to use less with paste waxes than liquid versions.

How we tested them Waxing and polishing is one of the toughest, most time-consuming valeting jobs, and you want all that effort to last. So once we’d applied all our contenders to a test bonnet, following the maker’s instructions – and noted how easy this was – we looked for longevity by checking water beading regularly over seven wet, freezing weeks.

We also made the test tougher by washing the bonnet frequently, to see which product would best survive the cleaning many drivers do in between waxing.

Price was a factor, taking into account the fact that hard waxes last longer, although it played a relatively small role.

Verdict 1. Bilt Hamber double speed-wax 2. Soft99 Fusso Coat 3. Armor-All Shield

Also tested Angelwax Classic Auto Finish Advanced Resin Polish Britemax Vantage Wax Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid Dodo Juice Protection Wax Farecla G3 Professional SuperGloss Paste Wax Farecla G3 Professional Resin Superwax Halfords Car Polish Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax Scholl W6+ Crystal Wax Simoniz Polish & Wax Sonax Super Liquid Wax Turtle Wax Original Turtle Wax Perfect Finish Car Wax