New Interior Dressing

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New Interior Dressing

New Interior Dressing

2nd product launch at our recent 35th anniversary conference was Interior Dressing.

Interior Dressing is a water-based silicone dressing designed for modern vehicle interiors and engine bays. It can be used to dress any hard surface, including plastic, rubber, metal, leather and wood, where weather resistance is not required.

• Optimised for all modern interior trim – leaves a natural non-sticky finish

• Cleans and dresses in one operation, removing light soiling and restoring tired trim

• Solvent free – making it super safe and with no harmful fumes

• Subtle Fresh fragrance – pleasant to use but does not leave overpowering fragrance in the vehicle

• Perfect through Vortex


Like everything, choice is key. Finish stays on the range and many customers will stay with it and love it. This is a good one to try for those that dont get on with Finish.