Introducing Topaz - the first hybrid polish

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Introducing Topaz - the first hybrid polish

Introducing Topaz - the first hybrid polish

Introducing Topaz, the first “hybrid” polish. It utilises several different modern polish technologies, offering massive performance gains, especially on modern paint finishes.

This really is unlike any other polish that you will have worked with. It feels completely different to apply and remove. It has more of the feel of a glaze going on, but is exceptionally easy to take off. There is no drag at all. Exceptionally long-lasting – weathershield technology gives lasting protection from the elements and a very high level of wash resistance.

Very fast and easy to apply - Testing suggest typical time savings of 20-30% compared to a conventional polish. 100% zero dusting and marking - Topaz will not mark trim and will not leave residues around badges, decals, in panel gaps, reverse sensors, protective wrap etc. An unrivalled depth of gloss – It gives a deep “wet look” gloss that rivals premium pure wax products. Rejuvenates tired faded paintwork – contains additives to intensify faded colours and treat fine scratches.

Designed for modern interiors finishes - Safe for use on soft and hard paint, gloss finish vinyl wraps, decals and composite bodywork incl. carbon fibre and gel coats.

Using really is believing. Ask your local Autosmart franchisee for a demo.