Autoglym New Product Bodywork Shampoo

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Autoglym New Product Bodywork Shampoo

Autoglym New Product Bodywork Shampoo

autoglym bodywork shampoo new 2015

What is it? A pH neutral shampoo

What is in it? All the good bits that make shampoo work plus more foam

What isn't in it? Rinse aids and gloss enhancers

What sizes is this available in? 500ml and 1L

How much is it? 500ml RRP is £5.99 1L RRP is £7.99

Why would I use this? If you want a hard working, foamier, shampoo that won't strip wax, polish or sealants. This shampoo lets your wax take care of beading and sheeting rather than the shampoo lending a hand.

What about Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner? That is still available too and ideal if you want a shampoo with the added benefit of rinse aid and gloss enhancers.

Where can I get this? It is on shelf now and available from our website if you are getting it delivered to a UK address