Zymol Detail Wax 2oz.

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Areodynamic body components such as bumpers, air dams and wings are made of fibreglass, PVC, Polyproplylene, Polyurethane, Plastic and ABS. The painting process on these parts requires paint with a vinyl base for flexibility (a flex agent). Solvent and alcohol based treatments cause the paint to lose this flex agent and become brittle. Zymol Detail Wax is an oil rich feeding product that restores original moisture and seals the paint with a hard cured finish. Suitable for all colours. Detail Wax contains 38% Brazilian No.1 Caranuba by volume


Contains: Montan Oil, Banana Oil, Caranuba Wax, 38% by volume, Propolis (derived from bees) Glycerl Stearate (derived from Glycerine), Cetyl Esters, Cetyl Cocoamide

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